[Guide] Piggy Run


Unlock Level: Lvl. 10

Start time: Begins at 13:45 and 16:45 daily (server time)
Description: Players have to wager on piggies at the beginning of the event. Players who wagered on the winner will receive Rubies after the match ends.
Click this icon to enter when the event begins, and the 1-minute countdown ends. 




First stage: Wager
1. You can only wager on 2 piggies up to 40 times each round. Each Wager is 40 Rubies.
2. You can keep wagering on the piggy until the countdown ends.


3. Rewards = prize in the bonus pool/winning number x your wager number
4. Prizes in the pool depend on the numbers of the participants and the wager number. The higher the total wagers, the higher the prizes.

Second stage: Match

1. Match begins after the countdown ends. Every round of match lasts less than 30 minutes. Players can click the piggy to motivate the piggy in different ways such as: Tease, Feed and Lull.
Each motivation method has a random rate of success or failure. If the "Feed" motivation succeeds, the piggy you motivated will speed up. If the "Tease" or "Lull" motivation succeeds, the piggy you motivated will slow down.


2. When the match ends, you will be rewarded with Rubies if the piggy you wagered on won 1st place. Rewards will be sent through in game mail immediately after the match ends.


Nova Genesis Team


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